This is the official home of LOSTsim, a fan-made project inspired by ABC's popular television series LOST.

The aim of the project is to turn home PC's into DHAMA micro-computer processors that will allow you to experience what it would be like fulfilling the responsibilities associated with stations like the Swan. The experience has been designed to be more like a simulation and less like a game. Every effort has been made to insure a high degree of accuracy with what was seen in the series.

The series ended back in 2010 but support, updates and downloads will continue to be provided on this website.



Enter the code, push the button and save the world every 108 minutes.


Observe and record the research being conducted at other stations.

The Initiative

Join the Initiative and get access to online services like ThePEARL.


A simple set of instructions, F.A.Q. troubleshooting and support.


Previously on Lost...

Number of days since...

Pilot, Part 1: 4746

The End: 2677

In Memory of (character)

Christian Shephard

Born: (unknown)December
Died: August 2004

In Memory of Christian Shephard (portrayed by John Terry), who died 13 years ago in September.

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